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7- 8 JULY 2023


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Live Concert


Do you want to be part of creating Malmö's coolest festival of all time?
Do you want to get South Ocean Festival on your CV?
Do you want to join and meet other people who are also passionate about Festivals?
Do you want to go to the Festival without having to buy a ticket?
Do you want to join and work in an environment with great artists?


Thanks for Applying!

You will LOVE working as a volunteer at South Ocean Festival. We need help with building, running the festival and demolition after the festival. That's why we offer festival-goers the opportunity to work together to get their ticket to the festival.

Work before or after the Festival

Either you work before the festival, during or after the festival. It is possible to combine work shifts, e.g. two sessions before and one after the festival. If you work after the festival, you must sign an agreement that makes you liable for payment if you do not show up for your work shift.

* Work two days for a One Day Ticket to South Ocean Festival (choose Friday or Saturday)

* Work three days or two nights for a Festival Pass (Fri + Sat)

* Work four days or three nights for a VIP Festival Pass (Fri + Sat)


Each day or evening shift is 6 hours and 30 minutes long. Night shifts are 9 hours long. A meal break of 30 minutes is included in all work shifts. We provide food during work as well as coffee/tea, water and fruit.​


There are work shifts both during the day, evening and night watchman's work.

The day or evening work consists of construction work in an outdoor environment. It involves various tasks such as tent construction, installation of privacy protection, fence construction, floor construction, cleaning, deployment of tables, etc.

NOTE: The work is physical, come in clothing suitable for outdoor work.

Work during the Festival

Here, the opportunity to work one day to go one day is offered. You can choose to go Friday or Saturday. The work involves guarding entrances, working in the entrance, serving the staff, acting as stage staff, working as gate guards, etc.

Detailed working schedule will be announced soon! Tell us if you'd like to work before, during and/or after the festival.

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